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Status: Release at 01/12/2010

WorldVuer To Introduce "Live Video Interaction Era" of the Web.

OREM, Utah - January 12, 2010 - Kicking off what he called the "Live Video Interaction era" of the web, WorldVuer chairman Kenny Andam said on Friday in the United States that the company is gearing up to launch its Internet-based B2B and B2C suite of online products that will enable enterprises engage their online consumers using live video.

WorldVuer's product suite according to Mr. Andam will provide enterprises with the tools needed to gain insight into what online consumers look for when surfing a website. Since the Internets global explosive growth over the last five years, consumer generated analytics and "social interaction" online has become a core driving component of enterprise products and services marketing and sales strategies. According to WorldVuer's EVP, Mr. Steve Pecevich, enterprises are begining to realize the importance of consumer generated insight, and are delivering products and services that satisfy those needs. Mr. Pecevich further elaborated on the role that the phenomenon known as "social media" plays in keeping consumers engaged and informed about products and services being offered by enterprises. He said that social media is becoming a key component of every organizations sales and marketing strategy presently and may end up being a part of the decision making apparatus for such organizations in the future.

WorldVuer as an organization believes that the suite of products that it is preparing to launch will deliver a needed key component of the tools that every enterprises online sales and marketing team will require to gain the outreach they will need to keep consumers engaged with their brands, products, and services. Mr. Johan Meyer, CTO of the company, said that WorldVuer's two products, "MiDestination" and "MiOffice" will create opportunities for companies to deliver interactive video driven communities to their consumers, and sell online subscriptions and advertising. Both products according to Mr. Andam are targeted at smaller to medium size businesses, large enterprises, and consumers. The company has set its target on a very selective list of lucrative industrial segments that WorldVuer intends to launch its products within and hopes to expand to other sectors after fiscal 2010. WorldVuer believes that companies who use its products to build their online and social media connected communities will keep their consumers engaged and focused on purchasing their branded offerings, products and services.

Mr. Andam said that WorldVuer's MiDestination consists of a set of video driven Interactive applications, such as video e-mail, video blogging, one-to-one video call, 5-way video conference, interactive video forum, media center with picture displayer, video player/publisher, music player/publisher, file player/publisher, live webcast/webinars, instant messaging, calendering, contacts networking, and a search directory system. MiDestination will be supported through service subscription by network users, webcast/webinar use fees, and advertising. MiOffice will come in both ad-based and subscription versions that will deliver to enterprises and their employees an online productivity suite for office collaboration between departments using live video applications.WorldVuer initially introduced its Video Interactive Portal application suite free to the general public through a social networking pilot that it conducted in 2007 to 2009. The location of the website for the pilot was at www.worldvuer.com. Access to the pilot is currently still available for consumer and enterprise use for a period of 35 days before the company turns off the pilot website to focus on its partnering and joint venture initiatives. The reason for the pilot according Mr. Shae Taylor who is WorldVuers director of partnerships, the company wanted to generate the insight needed from comsumers and enterprise to determine the applications and component within the technology framework that differentiated its products from competitors in the social media field. The pilot was a success and the insight gather from consumer and enterprises are currently reflected in the end product that is being presented to the marketplace concluded Mr. Taylor. The companies CTO, Mr. Johan Meyer also stated that the pilot that was made available to the public has helped simplify the user experience that has been implemented in both MiDestination and MiOffice.

The companies president of its engineerterminal division, Mr. Keith Hegerhorst added a comment saying that the needed simplification of the platform and its application suite was critical to keep consumers and enterprises engaged within communities that the companies platform was used as the framework for deployment. This strategy worked well and helped the company gain direction on what consumer and enterprises needed within a social media community. With the acquired knowledge, the company has successfully integrated the right set of tools and applications to create the two products that will transform every organizations employee and consumer network into profit generating centers concluded Mr. Hegerhorst. "We'll have licenses and subscriptions as well," Mr. Andam added to concluded the introduction of the companies products and business offerings.

About WorldVuer
WorldVuer was founded in 2004 with the vision to deploy "Video Interactive Portals" for organizations and consumers worldwide. WorldVuer is currently in partnership establishment and platform deployment mode and will provide more information on its suite of Video Interactive Portal applications for visual communications, commerce, content and entertainment based on its revolutionary technologies for the delivery and management of visual data.

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