Kenny Andam

Kenny Andam

Our most important technology strategist and creative mind, Kenny Andam brings twelve years of successful business experience to WorldVuerInc as founder of the company. Leading our development and innovation, Mr. Andam has demonstrated team leadership in both applications and systems development, and has dedicated his efforts to bringing integrity to WorldVuer, its products and services, and its brand. Mr. Andam conceptualized WorldVuer and its platform in 2000. With a team of experienced developers and software engineers who saw and understood his vision for the products of the company, a development strategy was established in 2001 with a product engineering lifecycle took root in 2004. Mr. Andam envisioned an online dash board of collaborative computing applications and video interactive network applications that will empower employees of organizations and corporations to become more efficient in executing their everyday tasks. With this burning desire to bring this vision into reality, WorldVuer was born after four years of innovative research in November of 2004. The company's suite of products was converted from a suite of desktop clients to the web environment in 2006. For more information on Mr. Andam please visit his personal information website at

Most recently, Mr. Andam founded GlobaInc to service the unbanked needs of African's and their family members in the diaspora who send them money for their needs. Seeing an opportunity in the limited services offered by global remittance companies in Africa, and the high fees charged by such organizations to consumers when transactions are conducted, Mr. Andam partnered with current Worldvuer CTO, Mr. Johan Meyer, to pioneer a concept of mobile interactive currency and remittance payout system for Africans. Globa provides transaction and mobile payment services within the continent of Africa to service the needs of the banked and unbanked. Before founding Globa, Mr. Andam was CTO of HealthRightInc, a web based personal health services software provider. Before joining HealthRight, Mr. Andam lead the original development of visual communication application suite called the VUEWareSuite, a precursor to the core applications developed by WorldVuer. Prior to founding WorldVuer, Mr. Andam established himself among video interactve software elite by leading the development of scalable distributed applications and visual interactive technologies for leading large scale technology companies worldwide.

Mr. Andam holds an MSIS in IT Management and a Database Management Certification. He also earned his Bachelor of Science Degree from Brigham Young University.

Jeff Tolman

Jeff Tolman
Chief Operations Officer

Mr. Tolman is a dynamic, results driven leader with 25+ years of management experience. Mr.Tolman before joining WorldVuer has enjoyed a history of achievements in personal management and team development brings major value to WorldVuer as its Chief Operations Officer, and has always exceeded the highest expectations consistently. He has been responsible for multimillion dollar growth in a variety of markets, and provided visionary leadership in many corporate initiatives, and has always exercised the ability to assist team members understand and accept corporate and personal goals and objectives. At WorldVuer, Mr.Tolman has been tasked with the directive to build the company, the products, and the individuals on the Worldvuerteam.

Mr. Tolman identifies his core competencies in negotiating and development of contracts, using his motivational skills to generate growth within the team members he administrates, create realistic budgets, develop professional and high impact presentations, and effectively identify Untapped market penetration markets for teams within the organization to focus on and grow revenues. Mr. Tolman holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Finance from the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT and graduated Cum Laude.

David Reeve

David Reeve
Vice President, Corporate Affairs & Legal Counsel

David Reeve is the head of the WorldVuer legal team. Mr. Reeve brings over 30 years of experience as a practicing attorney and business executive to WorldVuer. Mr. Reeve was one of the initial team members that fascilitated the formation of WorldvuerInc and he has been an active member of the companies executive team since the companies inception. Mr. Reeve provides WorldVuer with the legal framework to protect its intellectual property and its organizational legal resources. Under the direction of founder of the company Mr. Kenny Andam, David has emerge out of the core group of WorldVuer executives as a progressive thinker and a solutions provider to both the legal and operations departments of the company. His work within WorldVuer has helped improve the companies legal standard with industry partners and competitors. Mr. Reeves responsibilities within the organization also includes addressing any representations that are made by employees of WorldVuer that may be detrimental to the companies vision and goals. He has championed the cause of protecting the Worldvuer brand and product suite by staying abreast with new and innovative legal concepts on intellectual property filings and also on trademark and copyright registrations.

Mr. Reeve received a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Utah State University in 1977, and a Juris Doctorate infrom Brigham Young University in 1980. He was admitted to the Utah Bar Association in 1980 and continues as a current practicing member of such. Mr. Reeve is a past president of the Utah Trial Lawyers Association and has had experience in many of the law and business settings. Mr. Reeve took the responsibility of drafting and implementing many of the initial documents and procedures that put the company on it's path for organization and success as a Corporation. Outside of his corporate duties, Mr. Reeve is also a personal advisor to Mr. Kenny Andam and has been supportive of Mr. Andam's business efforts worldwide.

WorldVuer is happy to have Mr. Reeve as a member of it's Corporate Executive team.

Mary Vinitha Benedictus

Vinitha Mary Benedictus (Mary), PMP, ITIL
Chief Technology Officer

Mrs. Vinitha joins the WorldVuer team with IT Project Management experience that has been developed over 15 years. Her hands on experience with specialization in Project Management, Business Analysis, Financial Control, System Engineering, Application Support and Change Management brings to WorldVuer, Inc. a great balance between our technology division and our product marketing division. Mary has demonstrated a record of accomplishment of maintaining the highest possible on time and on-budget delivery in product development, and has proven success in aligning business strategies with critical processes and technology, and leading improvement initiatives. Mary has proven success in reducing implementation errors, production cutover errors, and system cutover time while substantially improving service levels. Her other major abilities include her exceptional ability to visualize and develop fully integrated solutions by assessing current situations and business issues from people, process, and technology perspectives.

Mrs. Benedictus is a highly motivated and organized leader with excellent client relationship, listening, communication, and delivery skills all classes of clients. Mrs. Vinitha holds a Bachelor of Computer Science and a Masters in Computer Applications, and is currently completing a Master's in Business Administration.

Kobe Andam

Kobe Andam
Director of Research & Development

Mr. Kobe Andam has been involved in the incubation and growth of WorldVuer since the company's formation and inception. He joinWorldvuer after graduating from Brigham Young University to assist his brother Kenny Andam to manage the research and development division of the company. Before joining WorldVuer, Kobe worked while in college as a loan officer with Sure Loan's of Utah where he was responsible for the origination of mortgages for home purchases, refinance, and new home construction. He was also responsible for establishing contacts with local realtors, contractors, financial advisors, and other referral sources and meet all potential borrowers, and inspect all properties for requested financing. Kobe also reviewed and analyzed loan transaction packages for preliminary approval or denial in accordance with bank guidelines and also assembled all required documentation for processing and underwriting on each transaction.

Kobe is a highly motivated, detail and result oriented individual who focuses on using his knowledge of the online media segment to create marketing initiatives that challenges individual skills, knowledge and experience in a proficient, equally useful and growth-oriented business environment.

At WorldVuer Kobe conducted a six-month business development project (market research, business planning, and product definition) covering the online video conferencing and video e-mail areas and created the framework for the development of WorldVuer's technology in those segments. Kobe's commitment to WorldVuer makes him a great asset to the company and the development of its product suite. He uses his research skills at WorldVuer to benchmark competitive web-sites with final oral and written presentations that WorldVuer uses to monitor user activity on the companies partner websites. Kobe's ability to employ interpersonal and team building skills in working with Application development teams to create and proof technical requirements has been a tremendous contributor to WorldVuer's re-establishment and re-launch.

Kobe graduated form Brigham Young University with a major in communications and a minor in business management.

James Knowles

James Knowles
Director of Networks

Mr. James Knowles joins that WorldVuer team with over 10 years of software development and systems administration experience. Before joining the WorldVuer team, Mr. Knowles worked with Mr. Andam and past team members of WorldVuer to develop a personal health record services provider that was deploying a service platform to provide transparency to the American patient. Mr. Knowles talent and ability to deliver solution within difficult timelines and project release dates made him the best choice for the position of Director of Networks.

WorldVuer is excited to have Mr.Knowles as part of the team and a key member to the management and administration of its networks because of the immense experience that Mr. Knowles brings to WorldVuer. The complex nature of the WorldVuer requires the ability for the companys network adminnistrator to have both networking resource management and software development capability to Mr. Knowles has both capabilities.

Mr. Knowles is responsible for all of WorldVuers network partner administration and infrastructure management. The administration of both MiDestination and MiOffice client portals require immense knowledge of security systems administration and Mr. Knolwes expertise brings a wealth of confidence to WorldVuer and its clients. Mr Knowles will also be responsible for the administration of the companies office products MiOffice, its support and staff management.

Michael Sutton

Michael Sutton
Media Relations & Content

Michael Sutton brings nearly fifteen years of Media and Content Management experience to his role as Vice President at WorldVuer. Michael was born and raised in Los Angeles, where he still resides. After graduating from Cal State University at Northridge with a BA in film production and an emphasis on directing, Michael quickly transitioned to working in front of the camera and began his acting career. He was cast as Stone Cates in ABC Daytime's "General Hospital," for which his work was awarded an Emmy Nomination in the best supporting actor category. Simultaneously, Michael started a second career following in the footsteps of his father, a legendary publicist of the highly successful Freeman & Sutton Public Relations Firm (Martin Lawrence, Burt Reynolds, Christopher Walken, Elijah Wood, Patty Duke, Miramax, Oprah Winfrey, and the American Film Institute).

Michael's promotional skills became sought after by restaurants, bars, lounges, and night clubs that were looking to maximize their public image. Michael brought both a lucrative financial revenue stream and a multitude of press and notoriety to these establishments. His promotional efforts, "brandSUTTON," now the name of his PR / Marketing company, excelled largely through the celebrity-based contacts that he had made as an actor in the Entertainment Industry, which he then combined with the large group of friends that grew up with him in Beverly Hills, to create a networking electronic database of over 10,000 taste-makers that rely on Michael on a weekly basis to tell them what's hot around town.

Over the course of the last ten years, Michael has found success in both his entertainment and nightlife endeavors. He has starred in over ten films, has been credited as an Executive Producer alongside legendary Quincy Jones on the documentary "The Freshest Kids," and successfully promoted establishments such as: Bar One, The Beverly Club, On the Rox, Guy's Bar, Mamagaya, Garden of Eden, Billboard Live (now Key Club), Pop at Playroom (now A.D.), Chi & The Roof at the Hyatt Hotel, and The Hollywood Canteen (which he owned). Michael has become synonymous with Los Angeles nightlife and has been utilized for celebrity outreach by both The Motion Picture Television Fund's Next Generation counsel, and top public relations firms such as, Bragman, Nyman, &Cafarelli. He has thrown parties for the biggest celebrities in the business; including three post award show parties for Sean "Puffy" Combs, as well as Academy Award and Grammy parties. To keep his ear to the street and stay hot, he still currently promotes a couple of Hollywood hot spots, "Mood" and "LAX." Michael is the owner of "The Lodge Steakhouse," of Beverly Hills on La Cienega's famous restaurant row, as well as a Southern Style dining concept called "Memphis," in Hollywood. Many lives, many hats. WorldVuer is excited to have Mr. Sutton as part of the WorldVuer family

Steve Pecevich

Steve Pecevich
Investor Relations

Stephen Pecevich brings nearly twenty years of Venture Capital and Wall Street experience to his role leading our financing strategy, business alliances and business scaling efforts. Mr. Pecevich brings a wealth of experience to Worldvuers growth and finance department leading the companies efforts with external investment and resource partnership opportunities. Mr. Pecevich's understanding of the WorldVuer vision and strategy positions him in the right administrative capacity to help execute the companies business plan and financial strategy. Mr. Pecevich also works with WorldVuer network partners organizational teams member to evaluate partnership incentives that are created to grow WorldVuer. Mr. Pecevich has been instrumental in the closing of major partnerships with industries leaders in broadcasting and publishing. He currently leads WorldVuer's platform introduction into the radio and broadcast arena with a goal to provide services to millions of listeners worldwide within the first quarter of 2011.

For the past decade, Mr. Pecevich has been CEO of Chathams Rowe Venture Partners, a venture capital investment advisory firm focused on identifying and driving investment to early-stage, high potential technology companies. Prior to that, he served in a similar capacity for Merchants Row Partners, a venture capital consulting firm focusing for the most part on the then rapidly emerging environmental industry. His experience also includes early career success with the prestigious firms Kidder, Peabody & Co., Inc. and A.G. Edwards & Sons, Inc. The experience that Mr. Pecevich acquired from the above mentioned companies has placed him in a strategic position to contribute his knowledge to the finance and growth departs that give directives that WorldVuer needs to make an impact with its MiDestination and MiOffice products.

Mr. Pecevich holds a Bachelor of Science Degree with an emphasis on Management from the College of the Holy Cross.