A Market Leader

WorldVuer is a market leader in delivering Video Interactive Portals for Enterprises and Organizations.

Founded in November 2004, WorldVuer is the new standard for creating a more engaging online experience for an enterprise's consumers and employees. Our purpose is to help company's enrich and solidify their consumers' and employees loyalty to their products, services, and brand. We do this by integrating our revolutionary Video Interactive Portal (VIP™) platform into the company's website or web domain/address. Doing this, we transform their online business environment into a video driven interactive communications medium that helps companies receive deep, broad insights, into their employees and consumer opinions and expectations while growing their profits with new revenue generation offerings.

This video driven interaction of social media, blogs, and rich internet applications will prepare any company to take their online and offline business to the next level by providing their consumers and employees with a number of unique ways to communicate and network using video.

The New Standard

As more and more consumers go online to purchase products, businesses need to learn to use the internet to better understand their needs, to spot new trends, and to use this information to optimize operations.

Internet driven business has become increasingly more dynamic, complex, and fast paced. To be successful in this world of constant change and pressure, companies need the right tools to effectively engage their employees and consumers. That is why we developed our WorldVuer Optimized Networking (WON™) platform to deliver to professionals and their consumers a MiDestination and MiOffice product suite that is easy to deploy and manage. These product suites help enterprises convert their most valuable assets into revenue generating resources, and cost saving solutions.