WorldVuer's Quick Deploy Consulting offers a four-step process that ensures rapid implementation of your MiDestination or MiOffice suite. Because the entire process is managed by our Project Deployment Group, the resource requirement from customers is minimal. Based on the needs of individual customers, the implementation can be completely outsourced or simply overseen by our Implementation Team. WorldVuer's experience in the industry has helped create this quick deployment methodology and ensures a timely implementation of WON by taking advantage of the most up-to-date use-case strategies for WON deployment.


  1. Requirements Assessment: The Implementation Team Leader and our customer's dedicated Account Manager will work closely with you to define the goals for the online business, identify related metrics, and discuss content management systems, application servers, database systems, and other relevant platforms necessary to evaluate any unique requirements. From this assessment, the Implementation Team Leader will deliver a detailed implementation plan, including a timeline and responsibilities checklist for the customer to approve.

  2. Implementation Phase I: Following the guidance of our Implementation Team Leader, the customer grants domain access to WorldVuer. WorldVuer integrates a WON destination access tag to the customer's existing website or web domain that is designated by the customer. The customer then validates the accuracy and accepts the integration for deployment. In contrast with many other solutions, WorldVuer supports separate test and production environments. After this short initial phase, more than 80 percent of WON's destination tools are fully functioning and adding value to the customer.

  3. Implementation Phase II: The second phase focuses on the implementation of any customized aspects of each customer's destination needs.

  4. Enhancements: WorldVuer's Implementation Team Leaders and Account Managers support each customer by providing enhancements on an as-needed basis.

Interested in Quick Deploy? WorldVuer's Implementation Team Department can help answer your most complex questions and/or
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