Customer Focused Consulting


The WorldVuer Customer Focus Group is where our expertise meets your needs. If our Quick Deploy or Custom Development services aren't sufficient to meet your needs our Customer Focused Consulting Group can help. We are experienced in delivering customer centered solutions that generate an ROI for your websites WON destinations. Our consultants represent a significantly skilled cross-section of industry professionals, with cutting-edge expertise in site content, layout, redesign, multi-channel marketing, search engine management and optimization, e-commerce, and customer service and support.

Customers utilize our services for the following reasons:

  • We drive customer success-we are your ultimate WON experts. Plus, with years of industry best practice experience, we know what works and use that expertise to assure your success.
  • We are your "on-demand", providing you with the best support and direction on how to effectively grow and manage your WON destination or office.
  • Proven, measurable ROI -one single recommendation with a directly measurable ROI can cover our consulting fees.


While specific strategies vary from customer to customer, our proven consulting methodology includes four key elements for success:

Understand: Before beginning any project, we work closely with our customers to create a project scope document which helps us understand your strategic site objectives and business priorities. With the project scope, we are able to ensure that their WON implementation is designed to support the measurement of their goals and be in tune with the corporate vision.

Educate: Our consultants are the most experienced WON users and, as such, have expert understanding on how to leverage WON for maximum ROI. We believe that by educating your team on how to measure strategic business objectives utilizing Key Performance Indicators, your team will continue to achieve ROI growth long after our consulting engagement has ended.

Optimize: Our Customer Focus Group provides the needed support and optimization guidance to help you take appropriate action, improve success, and evolve the customer experience. This includes optimization techniques for both MiDestination and MiOffice.

Deploy: After all of your questions are addressed, WorldVuer will assist you in successfully deploying your MiDestination or MiOffice to your designated domain or website.

Interested in Customer Focused Consulting? WorldVuer's Customer Focus Group can help answer your most complex questions and/or
develop a scope document for your project. Inquire with your Account Manager orCall 1.877.513. VUER (1.877.513.8837).
You can also request assistance online.