WorldVuer is leading the Video Interactive Portal deployment and platform distribution sector of the Internet and as an innovative company, we are determined to expand our efforts through the establishment of branded communities that we intend to use to showcase the type of interactive communications capability that we can deliver to enterprise websites and consumers portals who partner with us. We have currently developed online communities branded for specific industries that the company is currently focusing its marketing and product delivery efforts. Our platform provides our online networking partners users the ability to communicate, share media, view entertainment and to discuss current events using live video technologies that are simple to implement and easy to use.

We are building partnership communities that are highly motivated to drive interactive online business, media and entertainment, and interactive sports networking. WorldVuer's highly sophisticated array of user-friendly applications, whether they are Personal, Professional, Organization, or Celebrity-driven, empowers our users to showcase their lives and expand their business communications on a global scale, and in the process, become the media directors and content providers for the "GLOBAL AUDIENCE"of tomorrow.

Top Reasons Why Enterprises Deploy VIP Communities:

  • Access to Dynamic Communication Tools

  • Ability to Store and Share Digital Media

  • Showcase Offerings and Broadcast Events

  • Share Knowledge and Learn From Others

  • Ask Questions and Share Resources

  • Discuss Hobbies & Current Events

  • Produce and Distribute Entertainment

Members Consist of:

  • Families and Friends just looking to stay in touch

  • People who love to interact with and meet new people

  • Individuals who want to showcase their skills and talents

  • Professionals who want to share knowledge and resources

  • Organizations who want to make a difference in the world

  • Celebrities looking to interact with their fans